Venture Bridge investment program – how to apply (starting on June 17)

Tesi invests in innovative Finnish companies looking for international growth. The Venture Bridge program is meant for companies that have previously raised at least seed financing from professional venture capital investors and have had to postpone their next external financing round due to the COVID-19 situation. Tesi makes investments from the program together with private venture capital investors, on equal terms and with the same expectations for returns.

Tesi’s Venture Bridge investments are 0.25 -2 M€ in size. The investments are made as convertible loans, which will be converted to equity in the next qualified investment round. During the investment process lasting approximately 2 - 4 weeks, Tesi will evaluate the investment round and conduct a light business analysis of the company in question. Tesi’s share of the investment round is primarily equivalent to the private lead-investors share and at maximum 50 % of the total round. The lead investor must be identified when applying for Venture Bridge funding.

In deal selection, priority is given to investment rounds where a professional venture capital investor managing external funds (GP) agrees to manage the investment on Tesi’s behalf by entering into a standardized co-investment agreement. In the co-investment model, Tesi relies on the GP to conduct due diligence on the company. No fees are payable in the co-investment model.


  • Unlisted company with its HQ or significant share of operations and employment potential in Finland
  • Company having raised at least 0.5 M€ in venture capital funding in the last three years
  • Investment round of at least 0.5 M€ with participation of professional venture capital investors
  • The investment will secure the company’s funding for at least 12 months until the next qualified investment round.

In addition to these, Tesi pays attention to the fast, international scaling potential of the company in the future, expected impact on employment and positive value development before the crisis, e.g. in terms of sales. Typically, the companies have started planning for a significant international financing round prior to COVID-19.

Main terms and conditions

  • The instrument is a convertible capital loan
  • The loan will be automatically converted to equity in the next qualified investment round at a minimum 20% discount in relation to the financing round valuation. The investor syndicate can agree on a higher discount. A qualified investment round takes place when the company raises an amount in equity equal to at least the total amount of the Venture Bridge -loan, with participation of new investors. In other cases, the conversion will be decided by a majority of creditors.
  • The loan will be converted to the most senior class of shares in the company. In a sale or IPO, the loan shall either convert to equity at the agreed discount rate or be repaid with a 100% premium, whichever gives the lenders the higher return. At maturity, the loan will be paid back with a 100 % premium or it will be converted to equity with a discount to the previous financing round valuation.
  • The interest rate is 10 % (PIK). The investor syndicate can agree to set a higher interest rate. The maturity of the loan is max. 36 months.
  • The loan is to be used for funding the growth and internationalisation efforts of the company, e.g. recruitment, product development and working capital. The loan should not be used for repayment of other financing or dividends.
  • Tesi will make one investment per company from the program. Possible follow-on investments in companies that succeed in raising the next financing round, will be made per Tesi’s normal investment process.
  • Tesi has the right to get access to all materials available for the Board of Directors and company owners.
  • Tesi has the right to nominate an observer member to the Board of Directors.
  • The portfolio company will be accountable for all Due Diligence costs (10,000 – 25,000 M€), depending on the investment amount.

How to apply (starting June 17, 2020)

Please take some time to read the investment criteria above. If your company fulfils the criteria, please fill in the application form that will be published on this site on June 17, 2020.

By asking thorough background questions, we try to make the investment process as quick as possible. For Tesi to evaluate the company’s suitability for the program, we will carefully examine the following:

  • Cap table including funding background
  • Investment round participation and conditions
  • Funding plan
  • Investor deck: product differentiation and competitiveness, growth plan

We will be in contact within a week from receiving the application.

Basic information
Full official company name in English
Finnish business ID (e.g. 12345678-9)
Background, exits, education, previous company engagements
Lead investor contact details
Please user international number format (e.g. +358 50 12345678)
Company contact details
Please user international number format (e.g. +358 50 12345678)
Funding round details
Equity raised during last three years
For example owner John Smith 30%, Mark Smith 30 %, Venture Bridge Capital 40%
Must at least match the Tesi's share of the financing round
Indicate your answer in months (i.e. in how many months you expect that the company will run out of cash), worst case
Indicate your answer in months (i.e. how many months of time the new funding round will extend your runway), worst case
The house bank for example
With banks, grant providers and other investors
Financial information
2017201820192020 (1)2021 (1)2022 (1)2023 (1)2024 (1)2025 (1)
Bookings, Revenue and EBITDA for years 2017-2025
For example CAC/LTV, MRR, Churn, bookings, etc.
List your main products / categories and provide their percentage share of total operating revenue in 2019, e.g. Product XYZ;27%, Product ABC; 17% etc.
Provide your answer for these categories: Europe & EMEA, APAC and Americas
Describe how ongoing corona crisis has impacted your daily business, e.g. revenue drop of 20% in software sales or subcontractor XYZ can't deliver business-critical components
Describe what measures has your company taken to mitigate the impact caused by the corona crisis
Provide an cost estimate about measures taken so far
From Balance Sheet
From Balance Sheet
From Balance Sheet
From Business Plan
From P&L
From P&L
From Balance Sheet
From Balance Sheet
From Balance Sheet
From Balance Sheet
From Balance Sheet
Commercial information
Provide a brief descriptions of company's products and services. What problem are you solving? Current and any future pipeline of products that shall be now disclosed.
Briefly describe the earnings logic of your business
List the major cost components and possibly provide a division between variable and fixed costs
For example subcontractors and resources (R&D etc.)
Also include any important information regarding active discussions / pipeline
Including R&D efforts and commercial track record
This may include risks relating to financial, business, market, customer or technology issues or any other risks.
For example sustainability-related points / benefits about your business model
Attachments (Maximum size of 50 MB per file)
At least income statement and balance sheet in one file